Monday, January 9, 2012


Birdie Stamps:  Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Sentiment:  Jimmye Sue
Card Design:  Jimmye Sue
   For three years, I've watched Joyce get excited over paper-piecing!  All the detailed cutting.  Ugh!  Not for me -- until -- Joyce started drawing and paper-piecing birdies.  Wow!  With each paper piece, the birdies took on different styles and personalities.  Then she would add bling and make bookmarks.  OK.  I'm in!  
   Then I started looking at our Texana Designs stamps in a much different light.  I started digging through all my scrap papers and well, the ideas started flying!

The last card, with the Texas Flag and Star Trio, was given to me by friend and Design Team Member Linda McClain.  She made this card for me 2-3 years ago.  Loved it then and love it now.  Thanks, Linda!

Now, paper-piecing is one of my favorite techniques.  Right up there with my Copics!

Heart Flag:  Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Sentiment:  Joyce A. Meyer
Card Design:  Jimmye Sue

Chicken and Leaf:  Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Hey chickie sentiment:  Joyce A. Meyer
hi sentiment:  Jimmye Sue
Tag Designs:  Joyce A. Meyer

Leaves:  Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Sentiments:  Jimmye Sue
Tag Designs:  Joyce A. Meyer

Lone Star State:  Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Sentiment:  Joyce A. Meyer
Card Design:  Jimmye Sue

Texas Flag and Star Trio: Artist Joyce A. Meyer
Card Design:  Linda McClain, Design Team Member
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  1. So pretty! I learned the paper piecing at the first class I took with you and Joyce and I have used it several times! I absolutely love it! People are so impressed when they receive a cute card with a unique and intricate design on the cover! What a sweet (and quick) way to impress even the advanced card crafters!