Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring! Break

   Wow!  Spring Break is here!  The rains have been fantastic!  I see lots and lots of Bluebonnets and Wildflowers in the near future!
   Tom's taking Wednesday off.  We will take Kenny and Meaghan to the airport (NYC trip-both just turned 21) and we are going to take a day trip through San Antonio, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Johnson City and back home!  I know  the wildflowers won't be at their peak, but I feel like we will see more than we did last year!
   To get me in the mood, I'm sharing this awesome card that Jilda made for me using our Texana Designs Jam'n Wildflower Border.
   I was having a play day with Jilda and Joyce and shared with Jilda that I was needing a new look for the Wildflower Border.  She sent me this card a few days later.  Love, Love, Love the colors!  It's so fresh and springy looking.  Now I'm so in the mood for some wildflowers!!  
Thanks, Jilda 

Card Design:  Jilda Bolton
Texana Designs:  Jam'n Wildflower Border and There's no place like TEXAS in the Springtime.

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  1. Wednesday, go by way of 1431 to Marble Falls. Lots of bluebonnets to be seen. :)