Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I've been on vacation from the blog for about a month to focus on Maggie's (my daughter) wedding.  Maggie and Daniel got married Thursday, January 3rd.  It was a beautiful, magical and amazing event.  I feel very blessed.

Maggie and Daniel Rigney at the reception - Mercury Hall in Austin.  Photo by Karen Lambert
These are photos taken by Joyce Meyer and Karen Lambert.  Other photos will trickle in and I will share when available.

Karen custom made Maggie's dress using lace from my wedding dress.  So special.  Gorgeous dress.

Joyce and Jilda were part of the decorations team.  They made 100 paper flowers and much, much more.  

Cupcake stands were made from Goodwill plates and vases-glued and spray painted.
Sweet Meaghan made all the bunting for the reception
All decorations were handmade using felting balls, paper and a lot of love labor.

Maggie and her Dad (my sweet hubby Tom) at the church.

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